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Laser Cutting Machine

A laser cutter uses light to cut shapes or designs into sheet metal or other structural materials. It is typically used in the manufacturing industry, but it is increasingly popular among schools and hobbyists as well.

A laser cutter is often used when the etching process is not feasible due to the nature and size of the component. The laser beams are easily manipulated to achieve the desired result.

Laser Cutting uses modern high powered lasers for precision cutting from prototype through production. We have been providing our customers with the highest quality products, fastest service, and competitive pricing since 1983. 

Bending machines are essentially forming machines whose main purpose is to assemble bends on a workpiece. Bends are produced by combining linear and rotating movements. Various uses can be achieved with this machine. It is durable, fast, cost-effective, and can bend reinforcement bars.

A total solution with High speed and Accuracy for all production environments, A newly developed NC unit has display functions strengthened to allow operators to check forming information in real time and to contribute to easier.

Objects that can be bend: 22-Ton weight, Thickness: 0.5mm- 100mm, Length – 3mtr length.


Bending Machines


Waterjet Cutting machines

When it comes to cutting processes, waterjet cutting machines are superb choices. A wide range of materials can be cut using waterjet cutters, providing a highly accurate, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective cutting process for a vast assortment of industries.  

Our Waterjet Cutting machines will bring huge benefits and increased capabilities to your operation. Water-jet machine is widely used to cut metal, composite, marble, granite, ceramic tile, glass, cloth, food, leather, rubber, nylon, wood, dynamite etc.

Objects that can be cut- SS:1MM-5MM, MS: 1MM-12MM, AL : 1MM-3MM, BEDSIZE: 1500MM-3000MM

CNC plasma cutters are machines that use accelerated jets of heat plasma to cut through electrically conductive materials by using computer control and direction. The CNC plasma cutter will cut through a variety of different materials, including steel, aluminum, brass, and copper. It can be used in a number of industries, including the fabrication and welding industry, auto repair and restoration shops, industrial construction sites etc.

We manufacture Air CNC Plasma cutting machine. We are the best CNC Plasma cutting machine manufacturer & supplier in India. Our CNC plasma cutting machine is a well-known product as it is available at affordable and reasonable prices.

Objects that can be cut-SS-1MM-32MM, BED SIZE 2700MM-6500MM

cnc plasma cutting machine

CNC Plasma cutting machine