Our Solutions

Innovative Solutions for LPG Bottling

LPG Cylinder Filling & Allied Solutions

Ranging from manual to semi-automatic to fully automatic, We at Sri Om Kali Engineering Works have a wide range of all the filling equipment and allied upstream & downstream equipment.

LPG Repairing &
Re-Qualification Solutions

Sri Om Kali Engineering Works offers a variety of equipments for a wide range of products & services, from depressurising to hydrotesting and painting to pneumatic testing of LPG cylinders that need to be requalified.

Conveyor System Solutions

From loading points to unloading points, Sri Om Kali Engineering works is pioneer in design and manufacture of all your conveyor needs. They are mounted on the ground and have various sections and driving units.

General Machinery

Ranging from Weight Checking to Valve Repair, Value Salvaging to Cold Repairing, Cylinder Refactoring to Cylinder Purging to Crushing Services, Sri Om Kali Engineering Works offer varied range of utility machineries.

Innovative Solutions

Taking into account customer needs, we offer Innovative seed marketing solutions to fit the customer's requirements. We strive for affordable excellence with customisation and innovation.